A Home for Every Stray

Get Involved Volunteer!

AHES is a fully volunteer based organization with no paid staff. We work with the most needy animals in our community and give them a happy, healthy, and safe life. But we need your help! From finding feral colonies to placing tamed cats/kittens in their permanent homes, AHES relies solely on the help of volunteers like you.

Below is a general list of things we need the most help with. We have a range of volunteer opportunities in locations across the east bay with varying requirements for time commitments so even the busiest of people can find a way to help. Any help is appreciated, by us and the animals whose lives you change for the better!

Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers who can:

Foster Program

Fostering is the foundation of all our programs at A Home for Every Stray. Our biggest need is to find more volunteers who are willing to provide a foster home to a cat or kitten. AHES does not have an office or shelter because we find animals thrive in foster homes where they receive much more care and attention than they ever would while in a shelter.

Foster parents provide a temporary home to cats and kittens waiting to be adopted into their forever homes. The length of time a cat needs to be fostered depends upon the particular case. We can work with pre-determined time commitments.

Homes with other cats, dogs and small children are especially in need because cats that are well socialized are the most adoptable.

If you are interested in fostering please send us an email at admin@ahomeforeverystray.org and include your name, phone number, experience with cats/kittens and list any other animals currently residing with you.

Foster homes that can provide a home for feral cats recovering from spay/neuter surgery are also needed. Feral cats need to recover some place quiet and away from a lot of human traffic (e.g. a garage is perfect). Responsibilities for fostering a cat recovering from surgery include feeding the cats and administering any medication needed (normally feral cats do not require any take home medications).


Caregivers are always in need! Caregivers are caring citizens who feed feral cat colonies near their home and/or work and keep an eye on the cats so they can receive medical attention when needed. Although you may not always see them, feral colonies exist all over the east bay. Feral cats come out at night and are very wary of humans. More than likely there is a colony of feral cats in desperate need of help living within 5 minutes of your home or work. Being a caregiver does not take much time or effort but makes a world of difference for the animals who otherwise might not get a meal.

To find a colony near your home or work, please send us an email at admin@ahomeforeverystray.org. Please include the area where you work and/or live so we can match you with a colony nearby.

We also need temporary caregivers who can substitute for regular caregivers when they are unable to feed for a period of time.

If you are already a caregiver A Home for Every Stray can help you get your colony spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Please visit our Feral Cat Initiative page for more information.


Drivers Volunteers 18 years of age and older, who can use their own vehicles, are needed to drive cats and kittens to and from adoption events and doctor appointments. Cats and kittens will always be transported in carriers supplied by A Home for Every Stray. Drivers are most needed in the Berkeley area.

Please contact the AHES volunteer coordinator at admin@ahomeforeverystray.org if you want to volunteer as a driver. Thank you!

Event Volunteers

Volunteers who can stay with cats and kittens during adoption events are needed. If you don't have your own transportation we can transport the cats to and from the events. Berkeley weekend adoption events last from 3-6 hours at varying pet stores in the Berkeley area.

AHES occasionally hosts local events and because we have no paid staff we always need a lot of volunteers. Please email us at admin@ahomeforeverystray.org if you would like to be placed on our volunteer list. We will always try to contact at least one week prior to the event.

Volunteer Your Skills!

Do you have a special skill? Maybe you are a graphic designer, in marketing, or have really good interpersonal skills. Whatever your skill is, no matter how small you think it is, we at AHES can probably find a way to use what you do best for the betterment of animals. Please send us an email describing what you do and we'll get back to you with an opportunity that works with the amount of time you have to volunteer. Thank you!!

Recovery Fosters

Feral cats recovering from spay/neuter surgery need to be confined for a couple of days after surgery. AHES needs volunteers who can provide these cats a safe, quiet and comfortable space where they can recover in peace. For more information about being a recovery foster please contact us at admin@ahomeforeverystray.org.

Administrative Volunteers

To keep costs low AHES has no paid employees so we depend heavily on our volunteers to help with everything from feeding cats to fundraising. Thanks to the work of our dedicated volunteers AHES has grown a lot over the past year and we are now looking for volunteers who can help with our administrative tasks.

Tasks include scanning documents, returning phone calls and emails, organizing volunteers, scheduling veterinary appointments, etc.

We are more than happy to teach you what you don't already know and can act as a personal reference on your behalf.

If you're interested please send us an email at admin@ahomeforeverystray.org with your name and telephone number and please put the words "administrative volunteer" in the subject line.