A Home for Every Stray


Feral Cat Initiative

AHES works with individual caregivers by helping them implement a TNR (trap, neuter, return) program, finding foster homes, assist trapping, and helping with adoptions. AHES also AHES also matches volunteer caregivers (someone who provides food and water to feral colonies) with colonies not being cared for.

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Barn Cats

A Home for Every Stray’s Barn Cat program places feral and semi-feral cats who need to be relocated on farms where they are fed and provided shelter. Barn cats are ideal stable and farm residents as they keep the rodent population under control and require minimal care.

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Project Orphan

All too often cats in shelters have signs that read "owner deceased" on their cage. Sadly these cats' owner passed away before they were able to find a home for their beloved pet. Project Orphans works with seniors to find a suitable home for their pet after their death.

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