A Home for Every Stray

A Home for Every Stray’s Feral Cat Initiative

Our Mission for Feral Cats
East Bay Area based AHES (A Home for Every Stray) has a simple mission: we want to end feline over-population using humane, no-kill methods.

Feral Cat Facts and Statistics
Every year 6-8 million cats and kittens enter shelters across America and each year 71% of those cats and kittens are euthanized. The majority of these animals are healthy but considered “unadoptable” and, sadly, most shelters do not implement alternative programs or methods to provide unadoptable (e.g. not tame) cats a healthy life, not even many “no-kill” shelters. Thankfully there are hundreds individual caregivers who address the issue of feral (not tame) cats by providing food, water, shelter, medical care, and spay/neuter to the animal so he/she can continue to live outdoors comfortably without breeding & contributing to the feral cat population. Caregivers help tame and find permanent, “forever homes” for kittens and stray (tame but homeless) cats. Unfortunately doing all of this costs a lot of money, time and resources and caretakers often find themselves overwhelmed and unable to follow through with their original, noble intentions.

What we do
This is where AHES comes in. AHES works with individual caregivers, we help them find local veterinarians to get their feral cats spay/neutered, we help find volunteers who assist with trapping and work with caregivers to find permanent homes for kittens and strays. AHES also matches volunteer caregivers (someone who provides food and water to feral colonies) with colonies not being cared for.

Feral Cats & TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return)
For more information about feral cats and the TNR movement, please visit Alley Cat Allies website at www.alleycat.org.

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