A Home for Every Stray

About Us

Our mission is simple; we want to improve the lives of cats everywhere.

A Home for Every Stray (AHES) works with citizens in the east bay area through community-based programs to reduce the number of cats brought into shelters and to help find homes for cats and kittens that are about the be killed in shelters. We also work with local communities to reduce the feral cat population through humane, no-kill methods. Reducing the feral population means fewer cats living outdoors without care and also reduces the number of cats and kittens brought into shelters each year.

AHES is a fully volunteer based organization with no paid staff. Instead of investing in a costly shelter we use foster homes where cats and kittens can be socialized and receive more attention and personal care then they ever could in a shelter.

AHES depends fully upon donations from individual citizens and groups who care about homeless animals. Every dollar helps! Please consider making a donation. Every cent of your donation goes toward helping homeless cats and kittens.

To learn more about TNR (trap, neuter, return), feral cats and issues affecting them please visit Ally Cat Allies at www.alleycat.org.