A Home for Every Stray

A home for Every Stray is a volunteer based not-for-profit cat and kitten rescue group serving the east bay area. We work with local communities to reduce the number of unwanted kittens born every year. We understand that in order to provide good quality of life to cats we need to end the massive feline overpopulation through humane methods, namely sterilization. AHES works closely with bay area citizens to implement programs aimed at sterilizing house cats and feral cats alike.

AHES depends solely upon work done by volunteers and donations from caring individuals. Fostering is the backbone of everything we do. We use a foster program rather than a shelter to keep costs low and because animals get more attention and personal care than they ever would in a shelter setting. The foster system has worked well for us but we are always looking for more volunteers to help with all aspects of our program. The number of animals we can help is directly determined by the amount of help we get from volunteers. Please see our Get Involved page for a list of opportunities.


A Home for Every Stray’s Barn Cat program places feral and semi-feral cats who need to be relocated on farms where they are fed and provided shelter. Barn cats are ideal stable and farm residents as they keep the rodent population under control and require minimal care.

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All cats and kittens adopted through A Home for Every Stray have been spay/neutered and vaccinated and they are all rescue animals. You can feel good knowing that when you adopt through A Home for Every Stray you're saving a life as well as adding a new member to your family.

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